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Wayne State University –Ningbo University of Technology Academic Policies 发布时间:2022-03-07              点击:

These policies were developed to conform to Wayne State University’s standard academic policies as well as the additional requirements of the Mechanical Engineering Technology program within the Division of Engineering Technology.


· In accordance with the Teaching Plan developed between NBUT and WSU, students in NBUT’s Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation program will start taking WSU-offered courses towards their joint degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology during their fourth semester at NBUT. For students to enroll in WSU-offered courses, they must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or above [on a 4.0 scale].  Students whose GPA is below 2.0 will be allowed to enroll on a probationary status. An ‘Academic Probation’ status will be placed on the student’s record and the student shall be permitted to register only after approval has been granted by a designated WSU advisor. For the purpose of computing GPA values, the NBUT GPAs which are on a 5.0 scale will be multiplied by (0.8) to convert to an equivalent WSU GPA.

· A student shall be given two subsequent semesters for enrollment on probationary status. For the purposes of operating this joint program, the standard NBUT semesters have been subdivided into ‘A’ and ‘B’ sub-semesters. Four consecutive such sub-semesters will be treated as the equivalent of two semesters.  At the conclusion of the two semesters, a student who has not achieved a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 shall be excluded from his/her program. A student excluded from Wayne State University may not apply for readmission or reinstatement for one calendar year. However, the student excluded from Wayne State University can continue to study in NBUT. His/ Her previously earned credits will be kept and recognized in the program.

· All requests for reinstatement are considered on a case-by-case basis. In the request, the student needs to explain why his or her academic performance fell below standards even after the allowed 2-semester probation; and the steps he or she will take to recover. Reinstatement is not automatic.

· NBUT will transmit student grades and updated GPAs to WSU at the end of each course offering period.

ET Specific Policies


Substandard performance

· For satisfactory performance, a minimum grade of C- is required for all WSU-offered courses. A course in which a grade below C- was earned may be repeated to achieve satisfactory performance. When repeating a course, failure for the third time to pass it with a grade satisfactory to the Division constitutes grounds for denying a student further registration in the Division of Engineering Technology. A course in which a grade below C- has been earned cannot be subsequently passed by special examination.

· A minimum grade of C- is required in all prerequisite courses before a student can enroll in a subsequent WSU-offered course; regardless of whether the prerequisite courses were offered by WSU or NBUT.

· A student with a grade of D or F earned in an NBUT-offered prerequisite course will be allowed to register for other WSU-offered courses if the student satisfies the prerequisites for those other courses. It is recognized by all parties that this will likely lead to a deviation from the standard cohort structure. NBUT may make appropriate provisions for students to make up the deficient courses in order to catch up with the rest of the cohort.

Transitional Provisions

Ø For the initial cohorts of students (2019 and 2020), a grade of D earned in an NBUT-offered course will be accepted for the purposes of satisfying prerequisite requirementstill graduation.

Ø This concession will not be available to subsequent student cohorts.